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Why your Lash Salon needs a website

When you start your lash business, you want to ensure you are taking the proper steps. First, of course, the standard advice would be to start your business pages on social media platforms to put your word across and reach out to a broader audience. But, while that is one of the most essential steps, the first step should be to start your website.  You may put the thought of having your business website on the backburner either because you think you are too early on in your business building to have a professional website. Perhaps you already have a large social media following and consider having a website as an additional cost. And sometimes, the idea of managing a...

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The importance of after-sale for Lash Salons

Shep Hyken, the award-winning customer service and customer expert (CX), quoted, “The best advertising you can have is a loyal customer spreading the word about how incredible your business is.” So, it’s no wonder that brands like Sephora, Amazon, Apple, and Netflix are some of the businesses that have tasted immense success because of their highly customer-focused business ideology. As a lash artist, you know the importance a loyal customer holds for your business. Considering your line of service, you want them to be your habitual customers who will stay with you in the future and be your business’s best spokesperson. So, your job as a lash business goes beyond just providing beautiful long lashes; your duty is to give...

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Handmade Fans Vs. Premade Fans: which one is best for your business?

Netflix or YouTube?, iOs or Android? Toast or Eggs? Just like the many questions that continue to have conflicting opinions, the biggest quandary a lash artist faces at some point in their lash career is whether to go with Handmade fans or Premade fans? Which is better? As controversial as it may sound, learning about them and how to efficiently use them in creating gorgeous Russian Volumes or Hybrid lashes to grow your business is what should matter. Let's delve deeper into these fans and know how they can help you build your brand and business. What are Handmade Fans and Premade Fans? Handmade fans are created by hand. Lash artists tweeze out a few lashes from the strip and meticulously...

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Mobile Lash Tech VS Renting a Lash Studio or Lash Space: which one is best for you?

Do you prefer to watch a video than reading a blog? No worries, we got you:  You need to consider many things when deciding between going mobile or renting a lash studio or space, especially if you are just starting your business-building journey. One of the major decisions a lash artist must make is determining whether you want to go mobile or rent a room or space in another salon. The truth is: you really need to understand the particularity of each one of these work styles and know which one would be the best option for you. Just keep in mind to start how you want to end. What does this mean? Regardless of going mobile or renting your own...

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How To Deal With Eyelash Extension Allergies

Working with eyelash extensions is fantastic, we know. Which lash artist doesn't love it when the client looks in the mirror and screeches with joy? It just makes our day, and it's so gratifying boosting people's self-esteem. But like any profession, not everything is perfect. And on this blog, we're going to talk about one of the most tricky situations an eyelash artist can face: eyelash extensions allergies. Fortunately, they are not that common, but you will most definitely face this situation during your journey as a lash artist. It's essential to be prepared to deal with reactions and help your clients in the safest way possible (for you and them). However, before understanding how to deal with an allergy,...

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