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How To Manage your Client's Lash Aftercare

The only thought that dominates your client's minds when getting their eyelash extensions done is that they will walk out with an envious pair of lashes. Many don't value lash aftercare, which is precisely where you should step in as a lash expert. During each application, you need to clarify that lash aftercare is essential to maintaining the health of your client's natural lashes and ensuring that their extensions last as long as possible. As a lash artist, it's your job to explain to clients that retaining those beautiful eyelashes is a partnership between you and them to make the experience for both of you worth the time and money. Plus, let's be honest - you have a business to...

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Dealing with Eyelash Extension Allergic Reactions: Preventative Measures and Solutions

Working with eyelash extensions is fantastic, we know. Which lash artist doesn't love it when the client looks in the mirror and screeches with joy? It just makes our day, and it's so gratifying boosting people's self-esteem.    But like any profession, not everything is perfect. And in this blog, we're going to talk about one of the most tricky situations an eyelash artist can face: eyelash extensions allergies. Fortunately, they are not that common, but you will most definitely face this situation during your journey as a lash artist. It's essential to be prepared to deal with reactions and help your clients in the safest way possible (for you and them).  The Difference between Eyelash Extension Allergy and Irritation   Before...

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Essential Tips for Aspiring Lash Technicians

So, you want to become a lash tech or maybe you want to learn a new skill? Whether it is from home, working from a lash bar or salon, or just adding an extra skill to your services, there is a strong market for it.   Natural, long, bold, whispy, cat eye, everyone has their own preference, there’s no wrong or right but one important factor is how lashes are applied. So, let us talk about some of the basic things to consider before training up as an eyelash extension technician. Choosing a course from a well reputable company is #1. You will be overwhelmed with the number of courses out there. Industry experience and knowledge should be high on...

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