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How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

If you're considering getting eyelash extensions, one common question that may come to mind is, "How long do they actually last?" In this blog, we'll explore the lifespan of eyelash extensions and give you some essential tips on how to extend their longevity and maintain their beauty. The lifespan of eyelash extensions can vary depending on several factors. On average, lash extensions can last between four to six weeks. However, it's important to note that individual lash growth cycles, aftercare practices, and lifestyle factors can influence the duration of your lash extensions. Making informed choices and providing proper care to ensure your lashes last longer is crucial. We've outlined a few essential steps to help you extend the lifespan of your eyelash...

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Truths and Myths About Eyelashes Extensions

  Eyelash extensions have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many people opting for longer and fuller lashes. However, with the rise in popularity, there are also numerous myths and misconceptions surrounding eyelash extensions. In this blog post, we will uncover the truths and debunk the myths about eyelash extensions, providing you with accurate information to make an informed decision about this beauty trend.    Wearing extensions harms natural eyelashes – Myth The use of Eyelash Extensions does not harm the natural lashes as long as the procedure is performed by a competent and trained professional and with quality materials. In addition to, of course, proper post-application care.   The fibers used for eyelash extensions are natural – usually,...

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Why Do Eyelash Extensions Sting In The Shower?

From busy professionals to stay-at-home mums, eyelash extensions are every woman’s quick solution to a hassle-free beauty treatment. Despite being a lifesaver beauty hack, some people are still apprehensive about it due to negative feedback. One of the most infamous complaints is, “every time I shower, my eyelashes sting, I think eyelash extensions don’t suit me, or maybe the job wasn’t done well.”  First, eyelash extensions are a non-invasive and safe beauty treatment that will garner plenty of compliments in your social circle and will be life-changing to your beauty routine. They make your life easier, not difficult if cared for the right way. If washing your lashes is causing your eyes to sting, it is good to understand the...

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Tips to reassure your clients that lash extensions are safe

  Eyelash extensions are a worldwide sensation, so it's no wonder that we're experiencing such high demand for our skills as lash artists. Lash extensions have been around for a while now, so it's reasonable that expect that most of our clients are knowledgeable about the application process but have you also experienced clients that are iffy about getting them done, blasting off an endless list of questions, and yet are 100 percent of those clients convinced by what you have to say? Eventually, they politely walk away with an "I'll have a think about it and come back to you" attitude. From a client's perspective, it is pretty understandable that they feel apprehensive about risking the health of their...

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The Best Eyelash Extension Sale Ideas

So, after many dedicated hours of practice, you have become an expert lash artist and an entrepreneur. Whether you are running your business from home or in a commercial space, operating a lash business means you are also juggling many hats. You are expected to stay on top to ensure your business prevails smoothly. If you have a steady flow of clients and are making a profit, you are thriving; however, wouldn’t it be great if you found a strategy to run all year for a continuous stream of revenue to beat those slow days or fill in for a lost time? After all, as you progress in your career, the mantra is to work smarter, not harder. We have...

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