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The Ultimate Lash Aftercare Kit Ideas

What is your worst nightmare as an eyelash artist? The typical answer is usually "dirty lashes." Yep, we feel your pain. Nothing breaks our hearts more than repeatedly explaining to clients how essential lash aftercare is and noticing that our efforts have gone to waste. It can be a challenging job, but you must ensure that your clients are looking after their lashes. After all, it's better for you and them when they come back with extensions still on. And now is the tricky part: how can you make them take eyelash aftercare seriously? Sometimes recommendations aren't enough, so you need to offer them aftercare kits. Surprisingly, many lash artists don't realise how aftercare kits can be a BIG ally....

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How to increase prices for your Lash Salon

If you are a lash artist, you are also an entrepreneur. One of the fundamentals of running a successful business is making profits. You may have just started your lash business and are growing your loyal clientele, or you are an established lash artist expanding your business; either way, as an enterprise, you need to review your finances to assess if you are making worthwhile profits. It is a red flag if you are just breaking even or have not had an increase in your earnings from the last few years.  Has your revenue stagnated? If your answer is yes, it is time you implement a well-planned strategy to up your prices. It may not be the easiest step to...

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A guideline to making your lash salon eco-friendly

We all know that our planet is facing a climate crisis. Bushfires, floods, and many other natural disasters only show how much nature suffers from the actions of humanity. You may ask us, "what can I do in my lash business to ease the burden?" - The answer is more straightforward than you can imagine. When we talk about sustainability, it may seem a very distant reality from a lash salon. Many think that only large companies can become sustainable businesses. People believe this process requires a lot of development, investment, and unnecessary work. But as Anne Marie Bonneau, Zero Waste Chef, once said, "We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people...

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Why you should use makeup remover cloths

Eyelash extensions are a worldwide phenomenon for a reason. They look beautiful and are a blessing for people who cop rush hour every morning. With eyelash extensions, they wake up looking ready-to-go, saving them time without much effort. However, as a lash artist, you may struggle to make your clients adhere to the strict lash aftercare routine to make their lashes last longer and ease your next refill job. Providing your clients with the right products is essential to making everyone's lives easier. Let us introduce you to Prolong Lash's makeup remover cloth. The benefit of using this product goes beyond just removing your client's makeup, and we strongly recommend that you suggest this product to your lash clients as...

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How to Select an Aftercare Range for your Lash Salon

When a client walks out of your salon for the first time with perfect lashes, you and they know that their beauty routine won’t be the same anymore. As their trusted lash artist, you will have to educate them about the importance of a dedicated skincare routine and bid them to clean their lashes with sincerity. The predicament here could be understanding your client’s varying skin types, convincing them to change their current beauty products, and recommending them the right products that would enhance their skin and protect their lashes at the same time. As an expert, your client will depend on you to choose an effective aftercare range. Before recommending a suitable aftercare range that wouldn’t damage their eyelash...

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