The importance of after-sale for Lash Salons

Shep Hyken, the award-winning customer service and customer expert (CX), quoted, “The best advertising you can have is a loyal customer spreading the word about how incredible your business is.” So, it’s no wonder that brands like Sephora, Amazon, Apple, and Netflix are some of the businesses that have tasted immense success because of their highly customer-focused business ideology.

As a lash artist, you know the importance a loyal customer holds for your business. Considering your line of service, you want them to be your habitual customers who will stay with you in the future and be your business’s best spokesperson.

So, your job as a lash business goes beyond just providing beautiful long lashes; your duty is to give them an experience that outstands you from your competitors and defines your business as a brand that cares for its clients. Because eventually, ‘a customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.’

Let’s look at a few innovative ways of adding after-sale customer service to grow your client base and brand.

Maintain A Logbook 

When your client books their first appointment with you, maintain a logbook. Ensure that apart from the standard contact details and days of appointment, you also make important notes about their likes, dislikes and preference. There is nothing you can NOT extract from a casual conversation. It could be trivial details about their family, friends or specifics about anything. You could quickly refer to those notes in your next appointment and drop them in your conversations with them. This will make the client feel special and make them believe that you genuinely care about their natters.  

Follow Up Calls

A lot can happen between the first lash appointment and the next. As a lash artist, you know that. Scheduling follow-up phone calls to check on their experience and lash aftercare will make them feel you care about them as well as remind them to look after their lashes. You could also dedicate a time slot in the beginning or toward the end of the week to calling your past and recent clients, reminding them of their appointments, asking for customer feedback or promoting your services and discounts. 

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are created to make your clients feel exclusive. It could be through complementary services, a free product sample, discounts, exclusive access to special promotions, referrals or great support and assistance. Build your loyalty programs based on your customer’s preferences. This would be a good time to refer to the logbook you maintain for each of your customers to give you a clear insight into what your clients would want. Perhaps a free lash bath on their birthday or a free sachet of oil-free eye serum for your client to try out. Don’t forget to incorporate special events into your loyalty programs, including Valentine’s Day, Melbourne Cup Day, Anniversaries, Christmas, or Wedding Specials.

Educate Them About Lashes

After-sales service doesn’t always have to be about selling or free offerings. Despite its popularity, many clients aren’t always sure of the essentials of how to maintain their lashes. Despite the lash aftercare cards you hand them after every appointment, not many take them seriously, and some look after them mechanically. As a lash artist, it would do yourself and them a great service if you educated them about the importance of using the right products to keep them clean, also teach them why it is essential to do so and how to look after them in different seasons. Our blogs and vlogs can be a great way to direct them to educate them if you do not maintain a blog of your own.

Digital Efforts

While many know the broad reach of social media, do not undermine the impact of emails. The digital world we are living in can do wonders for your business. While posting testimonials on social media can be a great way to acknowledge that you care about your customer’s opinions and experience, emailing past and present clients to participate in surveys, informing about your services, discounts and offer or sharing information relevant to your services can be a great way to connecting with your clients.

Emailing past and present clients can be a great way to connecting with your clients.

A Good Listener

It’s not often expressed openly, but a lash artist is usually required to be an active listener. You may not always have happy clients. There may be times when an allergic reaction caused your client to come rushing to you for a solution, or a former customer may have come back to you to fix their botched-up lashes done by another artist; these are times when you need to exhibit empathy and understanding. By being a good listener and providing them with a solution, you build trust and confidence in your business.

Provide Them With The Best

It is a given that the retention of lash extensions is an equal partnership between lash artists and clients. Upselling to clients to maintain their lashes should not seem like a strategy to make more money but should be promoted as a value-added service. Prolong Lash’s aftercare products are formulated exclusively for eyelash extensions. Loved by lash artists and their clients in 80 countries, Prolong Lash cleansers are oil-free and clean lashes thoroughly, subsequently prolonging lash retention.

Our oil free hydrating eye serum can be an outstanding recommendation to your clients who are torn between maintaining their lashes and keeping their eye area hydrated. Our oil free eyeliner will be a great addition to your clients who wouldn’t have to worry about going make-up free to hold their lashes. We can guarantee you that providing them with the best lash service along with Prolong Lash’s best products will add to your excellent customer service and add value to your lash business.

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