The World's Most Loved Eyelash Extension Cleanser

The Journey 


How it all started… 

Born out of corporate burnout and a New York business trip that introduced founder Kerry Wood to the world of eyelash extensions, Prolong Lash’s early beginnings can be traced back to Kerry’s very own front room. 2006 marked the start of Kerry’s lash artistry journey—practicing in her home until she eventually launched her very own salon, Lash Design Studios, two years later. At its launch in 2008, Lash Design Studios was Australia’s very first lash-specific salon, an edge that quickly propelled its growth. Within 4 years, Lash Design Studios grew to include its very own training facility.   

The creation of the famous ‘Prolong Lash Cleanser Concentrate’ 

As if spearheading the eyelash extension craze in Australia wasn’t enough, Kerry paved the way for one of the industry’s most iconic products. Seeing and experiencing  a lack of suitable eyelash extension cleansers in the market, Kerry commissioned the formulation of what eventually became the company’s hero product—the Prolong Lash™ Cleanser Concentrate. Kerry shares the story of how product development began:  

“All the girls were struggling with clean-up, so they were reaching out for something that they could get their clients to wash their lashes with. Something that would help them come in with clean lashes… So I hired the services of a chemist and the chemist designed the product for us over the next couple of years. We had it in the salon without even a label on it. And we just worked out over a period of time that it worked. It just worked. It did what we wanted to do. The aim was for it to extend the life of the extensions and make the life of lash artists easier and increase their efficiency in the salon. So, they were saving about 15% of their time on a full consultation by reducing that clean-up time.”  

Seeing just how well it worked, it was clear that they had to launch their cleanser to the market.  

Prolong Lash™ Cleanser Concentrate is the very first cleanser developed fit-for-purpose for the eyelash industry to help support and extend the life of lash extensions while protecting natural lash health. 


From local celebrity to international sensation

Within a few months of launching, lash artists and clients alike reported reduced clumping and improved lash extension retention of up to 60%. Since its 2009 launch, Prolong Lash™ Cleanser has grown to be the world’s top-selling eyelash extension cleanser, with reseller partners in over 87 countries around the globe. 

Looking to the future

Its growth model also works to empower lash professionals around the globe to become successful entrepreneurs in their own right. Through this unwavering commitment to quality, growth, and innovation, Prolong Lash has established itself as one of the most successful companies in the beauty industry. Discussing their Partner Program, CEO Jodi Harrison shares:  

“The name branded itself naturally. It was organically grown in the US, but we had people out there that came on board over time and became our partners and our resellers…they took the product to literally every state in America. We've expanded through Canada and to the UK. We've just started to do some work in Asia… The expansion comes from the use of the online store of Shopify, our partner program, in which we have now over 350 partners worldwide. And those partners will buy off us at a wholesale rate and resell the product.”  

While Prolong Lash certainly owes much of their rapid growth to the innovative Prolong Lash™ Cleanser Concentrate, the brand has never lost sight of their humble beginnings.

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Head of marketing, Alicia Phoenix, talks about how their product range has grown and what differentiates them from other cleansing products in the market:  

“We started off with the Prolong Lash Concentrate, and we now have developed a range that is safe for eyelash extensions… An important reason why Prolong Lash is different is that it is ophthalmologically tested and approved. So that means it has been proven to be safe on your eyes, and that includes people who have sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. We're also FDA approved… We've basically been given the highest mark of honor in the US to say that we are safe and that our product does what we say that it does.”