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Tips to help avoid the heartbreak of “Mirror Shock" with first time clients

Determining Shape, Thickness & Length is a Tricky skill to master.  To help with this, we’ve listed some simple tips below that you’ll be able to start using during your next consultation. As a Lash Technician, particularly when you’re just starting out, it can be tricky determining the right lash Shape, Thickness & Length to compliment your clients’ eyes and meet their expectations.   In our blog, “Managing Client Expectations”, we spoke about engaging your client in determining the application that you’re going to deliver.  As a next step, when it comes to choosing the right lash Shape, Thickness & Length, there are a number of eye assessment characteristic that you should consider.  At Prolong Lash, we established guidelines to help our technicians take the guesswork out of delivering a lash solution that “delights” their client. Start...

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How to Manage Client Expectations

As a lash technician, we quickly learn that most clients have a preconceived idea of how their lash extensions will look at the end of your application. Their perception may have come from them seeing lashes on a model in a magazine, seeing a friend’s lashes, or having lashes done by you or someone else that they know.  Building a client assessment model will help manage your client’s expectations, resulting in a higher level of client satisfaction and a lot less stress and rework you.  Engaging your client in discussion about the result prior to commencing the lash application will give you a much better chance of meeting their expectations. When describing what they want, clients will use words like “not...

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How to grow your successful one-person Lash Business from me to WE


This is a dilemma that many of us face when we’re overworked but see the opportunity to grow. We might be experienced at running our own client base, but that doesn’t mean that we will make great business leaders.  I liken small 3-5-person salons to miniature corporations; you need all the processes of a large organisation without the overheads.  We’re not all great at everything so when you’re building your team there’s a delicate balance on where to spend your hard-earned cash. It’s not just about finding great lash techs but also finding people that can fill that skill set gap you have. Your growing business will need skills in Finance, Marketing, Communications, Social Media, Web and Content Management, Photography,...

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