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How To Deal With Eyelash Extension Allergies

Working with eyelash extensions is fantastic, we know. Which lash artist doesn't love it when the client looks in the mirror and screeches with joy? It just makes our day, and it's so gratifying boosting people's self-esteem. But like any profession, not everything is perfect. And on this blog, we're going to talk about one of the most tricky situations an eyelash artist can face: eyelash extensions allergies. Fortunately, they are not that common, but you will most definitely face this situation during your journey as a lash artist. It's essential to be prepared to deal with reactions and help your clients in the safest way possible (for you and them). However, before understanding how to deal with an allergy,...

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The ultimate list of Summer Lash Tips

 Are you a Vlog fan? Don't worry, just watch our video:  As we make way for the balmy summer weather and celebrate the presence of the glorious sun back in our lives again, it is also time to realign our beauty routine so that it doesn’t get in our way of enjoying summer and managing our lashes. Imagine having to worry about your lashes when you could be relaxing on a beach or chilling with your mojito in the pool? Let’s look at some summer tips you could use to overcome the challenge of looking after your lashes: Water bodies What are summers without dipping yourself in the fresh and calming waters? Warning you to avoid the beach or the pool completely...

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All About Prolong Lash Oil Free Hydrating Eye Serum

For years now, lash professionals have struggled with managing client aftercare regarding lash care vs. skincare. It has been a constant battle choosing between extending the life of their beautiful lashes and providing the anti-aging eye care their clients need and want. At Prolong Lash, we listened. After much hard work, we have formulated an oil-free eye serum that does precisely what it claims to do— keeps your eye area hydrated and prolongs the life of your eyelash extensions! No longer will you need to forgo the care your eye area needs. As experts in eyelash extensions aftercare products, we know the importance of having a skin expert tell you about the benefits and effectiveness of our oil-free eye serum. Jacqui...

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Fixing Another Lash Artists Work

  The cosmetic and beauty industry is ever-growing, and the competition is real. Although you know there is enough work for everyone, growing your existing clientele is always good for business. Instinctively speaking, you may get testy when a client shows up at your salon with a less than ideal set of eyelashes due to someone else's work. You may also look at it as an opportunity to gain a client but being a lash artist, it is essential to revisit your journey as a professional. The right thing to do would be to find a solution to the problem rather than condemn another lash artist's job to your client. When presented with a terrible lash application done by another...

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Why oil-free?

Oil-based products can give you fantastic skin but are the worst enemy of your eyelash extensions     Is there anything more frustrating than realizing your client has clumping and build-up on their lashes? And the worst part… you know this is a result of a poor cleansing routine and exposure to oil-based products.    The truth is that clients want to be able to use their oil-based skincare products around their eyes, even though it's wreaking havoc on their extensions. It is a struggle to convince them to give up oil-based skincare for the sake of their lashes, and why should they HAVE to choose? Fortunately, there is a solution.   First, let's understand what oil does to eyelash extensions....

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