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The Pros and Cons of Owning Your Own Lash Salon

The lash industry has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, attracting people seeking a career change or a side hustle who are choosing to master the art of eyelash extensions. With dreams of building their own businesses and gaining independence, many have been drawn to the allure of becoming entrepreneurs in the lash industry. Consequently, the number of lash salons has skyrocketed. Suppose you are passionate about creating your own venture or aspire to build a lash business. In that case, it is crucial to carefully consider the advantages and challenges that come with owning your own lash salon. This blog will delve into the pros and cons of embarking on this exciting journey. Pros of Owning a Lash Salon...

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How to deal with difficult lash clients

If you have to define your relationship with your client, you know it is more than just a client-lash artist association. You are a team who works together to keep lashes beautiful; you may be the confidant they like to share life's problems with, or you are that person they come to make them feel confident and gorgeous. They value your time and your expertise. But it's not real life if everything is idyllic. Have you had experience with a difficult client? It can be stressful, but remember, there is an opportunity to learn something new. Let's discuss a few hypothetical situations and how you can stand up to them and take control of the situation. Learn how to Manage...

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Eyelash Extensions vs. Lash Lifts: Which One Should You Choose?

When it comes to enhancing our natural beauty, the eyes have always been a top priority for so many women. Two popular options, eyelash extensions, and lash lifts, are widely sought-after when considering achieving fuller and more defined lashes. Both procedures offer different results and cater to different needs. Whether you're looking for long, voluminous lashes or more natural enhancements, both techniques can instantly transform your appearance and boost your confidence. In this blog, we'll explore the unique benefits and considerations of both eyelash extensions and lash lifts to help you decide which option is best for you. Eyelash Extensions Eyelash extensions have the versatility to create instant subtle, or dramatic beauty, offering both length and volume to enhance your...

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5 Ways to be an Accessible Eyelash Salon

If you operate a lash salon or any type of business, chances are you've tried different ways to help attract new customers and increase your sales.  But have you wondered if you are making it easy and welcoming for clients from every walk of life to come to you? Or is your salon in need of some tweaks to make your client's experience more inclusive?  According to World Health Organization, approximately 15% of the world population has a disability. That's around 61 million adults in the US alone who experience physical impairment, intellectual disability, deafness, mental limitations, or other forms of disability. Despite how common disabilities are around the world, many businesses fail to accommodate the varying needs of these...

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A Bride's Guide to Wedding Lash Extensions

Your wedding day is an extraordinary occasion that requires meticulous planning to create a memorable experience you and your loved ones will remember and celebrate for a lifetime. The spotlight is on your every move, and the pressure to be the eye-catching center of attention for your special day is real. You'll want your elegance and confidence to radiate, and eyelash extension enhancements are a likely consideration to enhance your natural beauty.  If you're asking, “should I get eyelash extensions for my wedding day?” - Then you've come to the right place! In this blog, we will talk about essential factors to consider, allowing you to make an informed decision so that you wake up on your special day with...

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