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How to Select an Aftercare Range for your Lash Salon

When a client walks out of your salon for the first time with perfect lashes, you and they know that their beauty routine won’t be the same anymore. As their trusted lash artist, you will have to educate them about the importance of a dedicated skincare routine and bid them to clean their lashes with sincerity. The predicament here could be understanding your client’s varying skin types, convincing them to change their current beauty products, and recommending them the right products that would enhance their skin and protect their lashes at the same time. As an expert, your client will depend on you to choose an effective aftercare range. Before recommending a suitable aftercare range that wouldn’t damage their eyelash...

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Cleanser Concentrate or ready-to-use Foaming Pump?

Lash aftercare is to eyelash extensions what life is to death. That may come across as a strong statement, but quiz a lash artist, and they will tell you how vital a good aftercare routine is. With the popularity of lash extensions, the proliferation of lash merchandise can be overwhelming because you will struggle to hone your lashing skills if you use cheap products. As a lash artist, you may wonder what aftercare products you can recommend to your clients that you are confident will work effectively to clean and retain their lashes. Have you tried Prolong Lash aftercare products yet? Prolong Lash's hero products, Oil Free Foaming Cleanser and Cleanser Concentrate, are significant assets to stock and retail to your...

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8 reasons why your lash business is losing clients

When you start your business as a lash artist, most of your focus is acquiring new clients. But did you know, according to a study, acquiring a new customer can cost you five times more than retaining an existing client, and a loyal client can increase your profits by 25-95% as opposed to a new client who will only add to 5- 20%? While we encourage you to persist in gathering new clients, we also heavily emphasise creating your loyal clientele. As a lash artist, you know the importance of a returning customer. Nothing breaks your heart more than when a client doesn't return to avail of your services again. As a beginner, you may feel shaky about your lashing...

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Everything you need to know about Client Retention

Have you ever had a client come in for a service and then disappear, never to be seen again? Have you lost a client to a competitor in your area? Have you wondered why that happened?  According to Adobe, repeat customers are nine times more likely to convert than first-time visitors. As a lash artist, if this study is anything to go by, you know how important it is to have a few loyal clients than acquire many new clients who don't come back. To grow your business, you must focus on giving your clients exceptional service and experience that would lead to client loyalty. So, how do you ensure your clients come back to you seeking your assistance and...

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Why your Lash Salon needs a website

When you start your lash business, you want to ensure you are taking the proper steps. First, of course, the standard advice would be to start your business pages on social media platforms to put your word across and reach out to a broader audience. But, while that is one of the most essential steps, the first step should be to start your website.  You may put the thought of having your business website on the backburner either because you think you are too early on in your business building to have a professional website. Perhaps you already have a large social media following and consider having a website as an additional cost. And sometimes, the idea of managing a...

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