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How to Effectively Display Your Retail Products in Your Lash Salon

Today we are going to discuss how you are a lash artist, but you are also an entrepreneur!  Whether you are running your business from home, loved by the locals, or a successful salon in an affluent area, it makes no difference to the professionalism you should operate with. The key to any sustainable business is not where you are located but the quality of services you offer. By having a retail corner dedicated to your aftercare products, you create the impression to your clients that you are an expert in your business and have the skills to educate them to look after their eyelashes in the right way by using your suggested products.   Being an artist like yourself, you would know...

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Essential Tips for Aspiring Lash Technicians

So, you want to become a lash tech or maybe you want to learn a new skill? Whether it is from home, working from a lash bar or salon, or just adding an extra skill to your services, there is a strong market for it.   Natural, long, bold, whispy, cat eye, everyone has their own preference, there’s no wrong or right but one important factor is how lashes are applied. So, let us talk about some of the basic things to consider before training up as an eyelash extension technician. Choosing a course from a well reputable company is #1. You will be overwhelmed with the number of courses out there. Industry experience and knowledge should be high on...

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Discover the Benefits of Prolong Lash Extension Cleanser

As many of us know, keeping your eyelash extensions clean not only extends their lifespan but also increases hygiene of the eye area and reduced chances of infection. We also know that oils contribute to the premature breakdown of eyelash extension glue. This is where Prolong Lash Cleanser really shines, a truly Oil Free product specifically designed to be used with eyelash extensions.

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