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Why do you need Salon Insurance?

Not a fan of reading? Relax, just watch our video:  You may be running a salon from home or on commercial property; having salon insurance for your business is imperative. Do you have your insurance in place? Suppose you think there's no harm in skipping implementing an insurance policy because eyelash extensions are a safe beauty treatment and that you don't want to add an extra expense to your business. In that case, you couldn't be more wrong!  Irrespective of the size of your business, having salon insurance is a must for the safety of your clients, yourself, and your business. Salon Insurance may not be talked about often but is essential when stepping into a business venture. Let's talk...

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8 Mistakes Beginner Lash Artists Make

If you prefer to watch a video rather than to read this blog, just access our Vlog here: When you hear quotes like, "The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing" or "a person who never made a mistake never tried anything new," do you think there is an apparent valuable takeaway lesson there? If you are a lash artist determined to make a career or are currently on a path to mastering the art, you may have had moments of restlessness, frustration, or feelings of failure while doing lashes. Honestly, all lash artists have undergone these emotions at some point, so don't fret or give up on this fantastic career. We want to give you...

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Mobile Lash Tech VS Renting a Lash Studio or Lash Space: which one is best for you?

Do you prefer to watch a video than reading a blog? No worries, we got you:  You need to consider many things when deciding between going mobile or renting a lash studio or space, especially if you are just starting your business-building journey. One of the major decisions a lash artist must make is determining whether you want to go mobile or rent a room or space in another salon. The truth is: you really need to understand the particularity of each one of these work styles and know which one would be the best option for you. Just keep in mind to start how you want to end. What does this mean? Regardless of going mobile or renting your own...

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How To Deal With Eyelash Extension Allergies

Working with eyelash extensions is fantastic, we know. Which lash artist doesn't love it when the client looks in the mirror and screeches with joy? It just makes our day, and it's so gratifying boosting people's self-esteem. But like any profession, not everything is perfect. And on this blog, we're going to talk about one of the most tricky situations an eyelash artist can face: eyelash extensions allergies. Fortunately, they are not that common, but you will most definitely face this situation during your journey as a lash artist. It's essential to be prepared to deal with reactions and help your clients in the safest way possible (for you and them). However, before understanding how to deal with an allergy,...

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The ultimate list of Summer Lash Tips

 Are you a Vlog fan? Don't worry, just watch our video:  As we make way for the balmy summer weather and celebrate the presence of the glorious sun back in our lives again, it is also time to realign our beauty routine so that it doesn’t get in our way of enjoying summer and managing our lashes. Imagine having to worry about your lashes when you could be relaxing on a beach or chilling with your mojito in the pool? Let’s look at some summer tips you could use to overcome the challenge of looking after your lashes: Water bodies What are summers without dipping yourself in the fresh and calming waters? Warning you to avoid the beach or the pool completely...

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