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The Best Eyelash Extension Sale Ideas

So, after many dedicated hours of practice, you have become an expert lash artist and an entrepreneur. Whether you are running your business from home or in a commercial space, operating a lash business means you are also juggling many hats. You are expected to stay on top to ensure your business prevails smoothly. If you have a steady flow of clients and are making a profit, you are thriving; however, wouldn’t it be great if you found a strategy to run all year for a continuous stream of revenue to beat those slow days or fill in for a lost time? After all, as you progress in your career, the mantra is to work smarter, not harder.

We have curated a list of sale ideas for your lash salon which you can roll out all year through to create hype and execute a clever way to lure current and potential clients into keeping you busy and your business profitable.

Plan it

Lash artist planning her sales

Don’t jump onto the bandwagon of sale promotions for your salon because every lash artist in your vicinity is doing it. List down your business goals, your client’s needs and demographics. It would be worth jotting down how you want to leverage the sale to drive more profit. You may want to promote your services by offering a certain concession for their infill session or offering a discount on their purchase of a product. Prolong Lash Reseller Program supports lash artists across 80+ countries by selling our products, allowing you to make maximum profits from retailing them. Have a social media and website strategy while planning your marketing tactic to ensure you reach out to as many clients as possible. Segregate your client base into new and existing clients to ensure your loyalty card privileges are for your current clients to feel special and your new clients to feel the urge to stay.

Create a Sale Strategy to Boost January’s Profit

Slipping Feel Good February into your sale strategy may attract new clients in January and February as they are slow months for lash salons. So, lower your usual price for complete sets but ensure the infill sessions are booked in advance. To make sure you don’t lose money to cancellation, watch this.

Take Advantage of Valentine’s Day

This is a day to celebrate love, and you can promote the idea to your client reminding them to look their best on their date. If classic lashes are more popular among your clients, offering volume lashes at a discount can be an excellent opportunity to earn more despite the concession price. Retail attractive Valentine’s special lash pack and promote the idea of self-love to your client.

Think of Different Sales Ideas for International Women’s Day

You can leverage this idea all through the month. For example, you could offer a mother-daughter discount or bring a girlfriend and pay 10% less. But, first, promote the concept on social media by highlighting the women staff in your business and then gradually leading them to the promotion of celebrating your clients because they are unique.

Use Client’s Social Media To Promote Your Lash Salon

Create a selfie corner at your lash salon

Client’s social media can be a great way to promote your business. For example, create a selfie corner and ask your clients to pose and tag you on their social media pages, or you can start a hashtag and ask them to use it when they post it on their social media pages. To encourage them to do this, you can offer 5% off for their next appointment!

Create a Sale Plan for Different Special Festivals and Events

It’s essential that all your clients feel included in your lash salon. So, know which nationalities frequent your business and study their popular festivals/traditions. For example, Holi and Diwali are big festivals for Indians, Eid, a festival of the middle east, South Asian, Indonesian, and Malaysian populations, and Lunar new year for Asians are all great opportunities to bring a rush of clients to your salon. Tap into those special days of celebrations and festivities of the population living in your area and offer them a special deal – it can be X% off; bring a friend, and they both receive a discount… be creative; the sky is the limit!

Boost your Halloween and International Youth Day Sales with Promotions

Halloween is a great way to cater to a younger crowd. Plan creative lash ideas to suit the occasion, e.g., you may add a few coloured lashes to a set of classic lashes for a slightly extra charge. Similarly, International Youth Day can be a great time to roll out a unique loyalty program for students and offer them a discount or a flat rate for every full set session.

Black Friday, Christmas & New Year

This is the busiest and the most profitable time of the year for any lash artist. So, start your promotions a month prior. Ensure you have all your days booked and your staff are well rested before the mad season begins to avoid burnout and keep your clients excited with all the promotions, discounts, and special offers. Entice them with attractive product packages, amazing loyalty card discounts and amazing deals.

Create a Special Strategy for Weddings

Your Lash Salon should have a special Strategy for Weddings

Research local hair salons, wedding planners or even bridal stores to promote your business. You could leave your business card/brochure/pamphlets with them with a $XX off coupon or do two free lash sets with 5+ lash sets, but ensure the discount is competitive and tempting. You can do the same when you have Bridal Clients – promote other businesses and take advantage of cross-promotion benefits!

Spoil your Lash Clients on Their Birthdays

Birthdays and self-love have become synonymous. Ensure you keep a list of all your clients’ birthdays to send them the love they need to bring you more business. Treat them with chocolate as soon as they come in, give them an extra service for half the price, and add a gift to the already discounted products pack they just bought from you. This would not only make their day but will also earn you a loyal customer.

Offer Special Deals during Pride Month

 Love is love and a great way to show your support to the LGBTQ community to express themselves. Offer referral discounts or fun lash extension ideas to the mix of your existing services. You could even wear fun t-shirts promoting the idea and making your clients feel welcome. You can also create excitement and lash extension ideas by offering them a consultation session on customised lashes for the occasion.


Some of the most neglected aspects of creating a strategy for your lash salon promotions are making sure you can track and keep a record and measure them monthly to improve them. Add structure to your promotions and ensure your advertisement and claims comply with the legal sales promotion policies to keep your business safe.

As Jill Konrath, sales strategist, said, “What differentiates sellers today is their ability to bring fresh ideas.” So go ahead and deliver your services differently because your goal as a lash entrepreneur is to further your income stream and create offers that are hard to ignore.

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