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The Secret to Stunning Lash Extensions: Prolong Lash Oil-Free Eyeliner

Have you ever wondered why eyelash extensions are taking over the world and have no intentions of slowing down? This beauty hack may be the best thing to have happened to a lazy girl’s guide to waking up looking fabulous. As a lash artist, you know it is sometimes a hard sell convincing your clients to look after them. From washing their lashes to staying away from oil-based beauty products, every step may be a hard one for you. What if we told you that there is a clever way to convince your clients to look well-put-together while also using effective and beautifying products without losing their minds over potential lash loss? Not convinced? Have you met Prolong Lash’s oil free...

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Cleanser Concentrate or ready-to-use Foaming Pump?

Lash aftercare is to eyelash extensions, what life is to death. That may come across as a strong statement, but any lash artist will agree on how vital a good aftercare routine is. With the popularity of lash extensions, the proliferation of lash merchandise can be overwhelming because you will struggle to hone your lashing skills if you use cheap products. As a lash artist, you may be curious about which aftercare products you can confidently recommend to your clients for effective lash cleaning and maintenance. Have you tried Prolong Lash aftercare products yet? Prolong Lash's hero products, Oil Free Foaming Cleanser and Cleanser Concentrate are major assets to stock and retail to your clients. So here's the lowdown on why Prolong Lash Cleanser...

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