Cleanser Concentrate or ready-to-use Foaming Pump?

Lash aftercare is to eyelash extensions what life is to death. That may come across as a strong statement, but quiz a lash artist, and they will tell you how vital a good aftercare routine is. With the popularity of lash extensions, the proliferation of lash merchandise can be overwhelming because you will struggle to hone your lashing skills if you use cheap products. As a lash artist, you may wonder what aftercare products you can recommend to your clients that you are confident will work effectively to clean and retain their lashes. Have you tried Prolong Lash aftercare products yet?

Prolong Lash's hero products, Oil Free Foaming Cleanser and Cleanser Concentrate, are significant assets to stock and retail to your clients. Here is a lowdown on why Prolong Lash Cleanser concentrates and foaming pumps are great ways to build your reputation as a lash artist, position yourself as a trusted expert in your lash circuit and grow your business with our Reseller Program. 

What is Prolong Lash Cleanser Concentrate?

Cleanser Concentrate

Prolong Lash Cleanser Concentrate is an oil-free cleanser formulated using natural ingredients, especially to clean lashes and prolong the life of extensions. It is sold in varieties of 100 ml or 1-litre bottle sizes. The concentrate is designed to be mixed with water before use. Using a concentrate is so beneficial for the environment and your wallet!

You can make multiple foaming pump bottles from one bottle of concentrate. Therefore, using your empty foaming pump time and time again saving plastic from landfill. You also aren't paying to buy the water added to dilute the product or the shipping costs to send water worldwide. With our recommended dilution, you can create foaming bottles of lash baths that you can rebrand and retail or choose to sell in our original packaging.  

What are Prolong Lash Cleanser Foaming Pumps?

Foaming pump

Prolong Lash cleanser foaming pumps are formulated from the exact same base natural ingredients as the concentrate, which does not contain any oil, glycerine, glycerol, parabens, artificial colour, ethanol, or synthetic fragrances. It is recommended clean your lashes and the entire face to remove makeup and keep lashes clean. They are sold ready to use, no mixing required, and you can pick them up as individual bottles or as client packs which contain a 100ml bottle of the foaming pump, mascara wand, cleaning brush, and a 3-step aftercare guide and are packaged in a stylish organza bag.

Cleanser Concentrate for you

Ever since its inception, Prolong Lash as a brand stands to provide the lash community with what it wants. We are constantly listening and finding solutions to give you the best products and help you grow your business. Our Cleanser Concentrate bottles come in two sizes. They are an excellent addition to your arsenal of lash products. Our Prolong Lash Partner Program allows you to buy products in bulk, making you as much as 60% profits. With each bottle of concentrate, you can create multiple bottles of foaming pumps and sell them at a higher value against the cost of the whole bottle of concentrate. 

Perfect for lash artists!

If you want to expand your business, this could be a golden opportunity to start your own brand sans the painstaking process of creating a product from the ground up. With Prolong Lash Concentrate, you can rebrand and repackage our products and sell them as your own. Prolong Lash is a known name in the lash community, and using our products to create your lash wash will help you convince them of the high quality of your Cleanser. This is a great way to build your brand as an expert and a trusted advisor to your clients.

As a lash artist, you know the importance of using high-quality products to create and maintain great lashes because, without them, you will struggle. Prolong Lash cleansers are of superior quality, and their oil-free ingredients will not damage the glue even when washed immediately after the glue is dry. 

Foaming Pumps for your clients 

Prolong Lash foaming pump is an excellent product to retail to your clients. If you have a loyal clientele that believes in your lashing skills, it is essential to educate them before making the grand sale. Inform your clients about the hazards of baby shampoos, makeup removers, or cleansers available in the market that are not created for eyelash extensions. Prolong Lash is made specially to keep lashes clean without weakening the glue.

Prolong Lash products are sold by lash artists and used by their clients in over 85 countries, which is a testimony to the effectiveness of our products. Unlike the concentrates, foaming pumps can be an easier option for your clients, overselling them a concentrate to mix themselves at home.

Perfect for eyelash extension's clients!

Another bonus is that selling foaming pumps to your clients can help you earn more. The appropriate size of the foaming pump makes it easier to carry it around, whether your clients are going for a swim or traveling. You can sell the pumps as a single product or upsell with a complimenting cleaning accessory such as our snag-free makeup remover cloth, mascara wand, and cleansing brush, or sell them in our client packs.

Concentrates or foaming pumps, what doesn't change is the practical results of the product. Prolong Lash can help you build your brand, draw in more customers, and grow your business as a lash artist. Become a Prolong Lash partner today!

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