Handmade Fans Vs. Premade Fans: which one is best for your business?

Netflix or YouTube?, iOs or Android? Toast or Eggs?

Just like the many questions that continue to have conflicting opinions, the biggest quandary a lash artist faces at some point in their lash career is whether to go with Handmade fans or Premade fans? Which is better? As controversial as it may sound, learning about them and how to efficiently use them in creating gorgeous Russian Volumes or Hybrid lashes to grow your business is what should matter. Let's delve deeper into these fans and know how they can help you build your brand and business.

What are Handmade Fans and Premade Fans?

Handmade fans are created by hand. Lash artists tweeze out a few lashes from the strip and meticulously fan them out to add that extra volume and a touch of drama to their client's lash line. They can then be applied directly to a natural lash or crystallised for later use.

Premade lashes are factory-made, heat or glue bonded. They are ready-to-apply and come in a range of curls, lengths and thicknesses.

Why Handmade Fans are great for your business

You are an intermediate or advanced level lash artist, have a loyal clientele, and have a reputation for doing gorgeous volume lashes. Creating your own fans will likely increase your credibility as a cutting-edge lash artist; after all, not every set of eyes you work on are going to be the same. In addition, handmade fans allow for the highest level of customisation, providing you with an opportunity to earn more and be seen as an artist who creates bespoke work.

There is a considerable debate on how handmade fans can reduce your efficiency level because of the time to create them. However, a great way to overcome this is to map before their appointment. If you can have your client send in a picture of their face before their appointment, you can start to analyze and plan your map before your client arrives. Then you can make your fans in advance. This way, you can get on with their lashes without wasting precious time.

Handmade fans allow longer lash retention because they have thin bases, and less adhesive is used to attach them. Being lightweight, they retain longer and allow natural lashes to grow and shed naturally. Letting your clients know about the benefits of handmade volume lashes will make them appreciate your service more.

Got some time on your hands? You can also bolster your income potential by selling handmade fans to beginner lash artists in your area and business circle. Handmade fans are highly sought-after, and you could embark on a fantastic business opportunity of supplying handmade fans.

Creating Eyelash Extensions is a work of art. Hand-making fans pushes your creativity to another level and allows you more flexibility and control over the lashing process. As a lash artist, outdoing your best set of lashes every time will not only fill you with a sense of pride and confidence but also build your reputation as an expert among your clientele and help you grow your business.

Why Premade Fans are great for your business

Premade fans are your best contender if you are a beginner-level lash artist or have a high footfall of clients. Gone are the days when premade fans were a poor imitation of handmade fans – think clusters. Premade lashes available now can be natural-looking and come in all lengths, curls, and diametres for you to play with.

When you have back-to-back appointments, you simply can't spend time preparing fans for individual clients. It is time-consuming and sometimes unnecessary since your clients may not notice the difference between premade and handmade lashes. Volume sets are great money-makers, and you would want to fit in as many clients as you can in your daily schedule; premade lashes can assist you in doing your lashes quicker. Ensure you invest in top-quality premade lashes; choosing quality over quantity is the key to growing your business.

If you have clients who are always running against time but want their lashes done, premade fans help you expedite the process without wasting time hand making them. For clients who are fidgety, impatient, pregnant, or suffering from injury or illness, causing them to be unable to lay still for long periods, using premade fans can relieve time stress.

Premade lashes are an excellent option for lash artists who haven't yet quite mastered the art of handmade fans, as they will help you bring in more business. Just offering classic lashes may curb your earning potential; volume or hybrid lashes can allow you to earn more. If you have not yet learned the art of Russian volumes, don't fret! Premades can help here.

The downside…they will cost you more per set than creating your own fans. Before investing in premade lashes, you will have to do thorough research and testing on the quality of the lashes to ensure you are purchasing the highest quality, as they can make or break your business' reputation.

Lashing is a skill, and you became a lash artist after innumerable amounts of practice, determination, and perseverance. So, remember while being a handmade artist will give you more control over your lashing technique, premades will save you the task of creating them. And if you do opt for premades, why not use that extra time to work on professional development and training? Perfect the craft of handmaking fans to provide your clients with an exclusive experience and service.

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