Why you should use makeup remover cloths

Eyelash extensions are a worldwide phenomenon for a reason. They look beautiful and are a blessing for people who cop rush hour every morning. With eyelash extensions, they wake up looking ready-to-go, saving them time without much effort. However, as a lash artist, you may struggle to make your clients adhere to the strict lash aftercare routine to make their lashes last longer and ease your next refill job.

Providing your clients with the right products is essential to making everyone's lives easier. Let us introduce you to Prolong Lash's makeup remover cloth. The benefit of using this product goes beyond just removing your client's makeup, and we strongly recommend that you suggest this product to your lash clients as a must-have in their aftercare kit because it may be the easiest way to help them look after their lashes. Here are some unique points of difference Prolong Lash's makeup remover cloth has.

Quick and easy

Despite knowing that sleeping with makeup on or not washing their face after a long day isn't healthy for their skin, most people let their tiredness take over. For all your clients who slack on their aftercare routine only because they are too eager to hit the hay after a long day, makeup remover cloths can save the day. All they need is our cleanser, and our snag-free makeup remover cloth on their nightstand to integrate into their skincare routine. Dead skin cells and natural oils can build up around eyelash extensions, increasing the chance of developing infections and increasing lash mite colonies, so using the cloth with cleanser can quickly solve the problem without much effort. 

makeup remover cloth and eyelash cleanser

Thorough cleaning

Prolong Lash makeup remover cloths are made from tiny fibres, and unlike other makeup cloths, they can reach core fragments of makeup and clean them thoroughly. Typically, other cloths remove makeup or dirt from an area, but they also tend to leave behind traces of makeup. On the other hand, Prolong Lash makeup remover cloth fibres behave like magnets, attracting stubborn makeup, dirt, or dust from all over the facial and eye area and thoroughly cleaning it while maintaining the pH balance of your client's skin. 

Soft and gentle

Our makeup cloths are fluffy and made to be soft and gentle to touch. It doesn't matter whether your clients have oily, dry, normal, or combination skin; the multiple fibres of our face cloth easily remove makeup and dirt from your face without any reactions as you do not need to scrub or be hard on your skin. Instead, wet the cloth and use just with water or use prolong cleanser and wipe in a circular motion, allowing the skin to gently exfoliate any dead skin cells around the facial or eye area, leaving the skin feeling soft and fresh every time. 

Our makeup cloths are fluffy and made to be soft and gentle to touch

Choose how to use it

Despite the name, Prolong Lash makeup remover cloths are not only meant to remove makeup but also can be incorporated effortlessly into an essential part of the skincare routine. Add Prolong Lash foaming cleanser onto the cloth and gently clean the face allowing it to freely work around the eyes and close to the base of the lashes without the risk of catching and pulling on their extensions. Use it as a replacement for a face towel after washing the face or lashes, and rest assured that the cloth's fibres will gently pat skin dry without snagging or tugging the lashes. Unlike face towels, our cloths are handy in size and lightweight and can be easily carried around. 

Prolong Lash Cloth is handy in size and lightweight and can be easily carried around

Environmentally friendly

For all those who care about the environment, Prolong Lash makeup remover cloths are a great way to contribute to the reduce, reuse, recycle way of life. Unlike other chemically formulated cleansers, using Prolong Lash cleansers on the makeup remover cloth to clean the face and lashes also means you won't be draining any harmful chemicals into the environment. Because our cleansers are made from natural ingredients, and our cloths can be reused hundreds of times, making them cost-effective.


Easy to clean

To your clients, makeup remover cloths may seem a bit of a hassle compared to disposable makeup remover cotton balls. However, it would help if you educated them; apart from its cost-effectiveness and eco-friendly traits, the synthetic/polyester fibres of the Prolong Lash makeup remover cloth are bacteria resistant, making them dry faster and quicker, unlike cotton cloths. For a thorough wash, pop your cloth in the washing machine with other clothing items.

Prolong Lash Cloth

Prolong Lash aftercare products are formulated especially for eyelash extensions, and recommending them to your clients will help build a great relationship with your clients as well as project yourself as a reputed professional. Prolong Lash's makeup remover cloths can be a game changer for your clients as they are easy to use, highly effective and environment friendly. Whether they are travelling, or heading to work, this makeup remover cloth can be handy to pack in their bags to maintain the life of their lashes and immediately clean without hassles.

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