Lash Salon Black Friday Sale Ideas


Who says lash artists and salons cannot profit from Black Friday? Many people think that only retail giants can benefit in this period, but this is a misconception! There are many opportunities for different businesses to profit from customers as they go crazy for deals.

Everyone loves discounts and sales, and during this period people are ready to spend money. Believe us; it’s the perfect time to make the best deals and get an influx of sales for your lash business. People want to get beautified and feel good for the upcoming Holiday season. And if you have a good deal for them, they will love it!

However, to make the most of Black Friday, it’s necessary to stand out from the crow and, most importantly, start planning early. Although BF is only in November, you should start getting ready for it as early as October. But don’t worry, if you haven’t started planning yet, or don’t even know how to start and have no idea of what you can offer your clients, we’ve got you. Check it out:

Be an Early Bird 

As we said before, you need to prepare your ideas and deals for Black Friday from the beginning of October. By doing that, you can do some market research and be sure your offer is compelling. It’s also ideal to advertise in late October and early November. You can use email marketing, social media posts, paid searching, and more.

“Why should I advertise early?’’ Well, Black Friday is a huge date, so people are always bombarded with sales and promotions. The earlier you start, less “attention competition” you will have. The chances your clients consider your deal is one of the best since there won’t be that many other BF ads.

So, the secret is: get your name out there earlier and remain top of mind by remarketing frequently. 

Be creative and smart

We all know the classic Black Friday deals: 25%, 50%, 70% off. Indeed, discounts are a very popular method to attract potential customers, but that doesn’t mean they are the best deal for every business.

We are lash artists. We want to offer our clients the best set of lashes and a fantastic experience. That’s why we strongly encourage you to consider making added-value options.

We have some ideas for you: 

- November Special Price for first-time clients

- Referral discount during the entire Black Friday Month

- Offer a free aftercare product for any appointment during the BF period

- Discount if they buy a block of 3 sets

- And our favourite option: offer your clients to buy a block of sets for the entire summer and include a free cleanser! This option is great for you since it’s a guarantee that the client will come back, the next appointments are refills, and you have higher chances of building customer loyalty. Your clients will also love this offer since they will have fabulous and clean lashes for the entire summer!

These are only a few suggestions. Our main point is to think beyond the classic PERCENTAGE OFF Deal and create a deal that you and your customers will be happy about. All sorts of deals, upgrades, coupons and packages are relevant on Black Friday. You just need to find the right one for your lash business.

Extend your offer duration 

As a lash artist, one day is not enough to gain a decent amount of profit from Black Friday. Instead, you can extend the sales period. Some clients can forget about this promotion period, but you will be there for them when they decide to go on a bargain hunt later! Or, as we recommended before, make an offer valid for the entire month. In that way, your customers don’t need to worry too much about missing it.

Make your deal exclusive

Everybody likes to feel a part of something special. From a marketing point of view, nothing instigates buying behaviour more than that FOMO feeling. When you say an offer will only be valid for a few days, clients get excited to get it before is too late.

Besides, customers like to feel special. If you limit your offer and make sure everyone knows about it, they will want to be a part of the group that gets access to it. People love the belonging feeling. Remember to use words that create urgency and inspire action, like “exclusive”, “limited time”, “only the 50 first”, etc.  


Make the most of Black Friday. This period is not so explored in the lash community, and we know it has a HUGE potential to make some profit.

Don’t forget to send this post to us as many lash artists as you can. November is the month to make some lash money!

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