Five Effective Strategies to Increase Client Spend

To be a lash artist, we all know that you need a deep passion for all things eyelash extensions, but your central goal is to make money as a business. To find the balance between enjoying what you do and earning what you deserve, you will have to learn your way of working smarter rather than working harder. Well, who are we kidding? Of course, you need to work harder, but you will also have to be clever. You may be a greenhorn or an experienced lash artist; either way, your prime focus should be making most of your customers already in your database. Upselling to your clients is a great way to increase your revenue stream, but it can be a difficult step, as you don't want to come across as a hard-selling salesperson. Here are a few ways to approach your clients to spend more.

5 best ways to increase client spend

1. Identify your clientele

Identify your lash salon customers - Prolong Lash


Not all your clients are the same. Some are big spenders, some may be very conscious of how they look, some are experimental with products, and some can only spend the bare minimum. It is crucial to categorize your clients to know to whom you can make a sale. Keep track of each of your clients' spending habits and essential details on their likes and dislikes. This will help you make the right pitch for the upsell.

2. Educate your Lash Clients

Educate your clients about lash aftercare - Prolong Lash


When clients come to you, they believe you are the expert who can make them look beautiful and feel confident. However, unlike other beauty services, lash extensions are more about a partnership between the last artist and the client. First, you must teach the client why it is essential to keep their lashes clean. Educating them about keeping their lashes clean with the right product can truly enlighten them about the benefits. Unlike some other beauty products that claim to be oil-free, Prolong Lash aftercare products are indeed formulated truly oil-free to extend the life of your lashes.

If your client is addicted to their oil-based eye serum, recommend our Hydrating Under Eye Serum, specially prepared to keep the eye area hydrated and benefit from not damaging the lashes. If you notice your client loves doing up their eyes with makeup, recommend our oil free eyeliner, which does not harm the glue or lashes. You and your client can rest easy on any damaging side effects.

3. Demonstrate the Lash Products' Efficacy

Prolong Lash Cleanser


Sometimes your words may fail to prove the efficacy of a product. Prolong Lash recommends washing the lashes with our cleanser immediately after the glue is dry. Showing your clients the product's usefulness increases the chances of them buying your product. Prolong Lash cleansers are specially formulated to wash eyelash extensions. They are oil-free, gentle on the lashes, and do not weaken the glue. Having been used by lash artists and their clients across 80 countries is testimony to its effectiveness.

4. Invest in a Good Retail Corner

Lash artists should Invest in a Good Retail Corner - Prolong Lash


A retail space is paramount if you have a salon, whether in a small home-based room or a sprawling commercial area. Make it as attractive as possible. Stock them up nicely. Ensure that space is easily accessible to your clients. Don't place the products too high up on the shelves, have testers for them to try on and explore and keep the place tidy and dust-free. Group the products to make it easy for your clients to make quick decisions.

While working your profit from this space, you must ensure you buy the right products to make enough profits while selling them to your clients. Prolong Lash strives to empower lash artists and their businesses in every way possible. Our Reseller program facilitates lash artists to buy our products at unbelievable discounts, enabling them to sell them at 60% marked-up prices. Our range of oil-free products is created especially for eyelash extensions, from cleansers to serums, to eyeliners. For example, you can make fifty 60ml cleanser foaming pumps from our 1litre cleanser concentrate. If you sold each bottle for even $10 each, that's an easy $500 in your pocket. You also have the flexibility of rebranding and selling them as your own or selling it as is. Our Partner Program has a community of lash entrepreneurs worldwide supporting each other to grow their businesses.

5. Focus on profitable lash services

Lash artists should focus on profitable lash services - Prolong Lash


The standard is that Russian Volume are a more expensive service than classic extensions. Still, with the popularity of classics rising again, you could consider putting these services on an even playing field. Why not increase the price of classic extensions or even make one overall price for your sets regardless of Russian or Classic?

Is there an add-on you can provide? Perhaps another service you could upsell, such as a brow service.

Could you charge more for a premium service? Perhaps you have some clients looking for a real pamper session and would pay more to have a luxury lash bath, a hand mask, a Prolong Lash Oil-free hydrating eye serum facial massage, or other lovely treats to make the service indulgent.


Prolong Lash is a brand started by lash artists and has been in the industry for a long time; we understand the opportunities and challenges of the lash community. Our products were created out of fulfilling our community's needs and demands. It's no wonder they are so well received, and in a matter of a couple of years, it has become a favourite among the lash community across the world. We are constantly endeavouring to support and encourage lash artists to grow their businesses, attain economic freedom, and prove themselves as experts in their fields. Reach out to us today to become a part of our growing lash community of Prolong Lash Resellers.


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