Tips to help avoid the heartbreak of “Mirror Shock" with first time clients

Determining ShapeThickness Length is a Tricky skill to master.  To help with this, we’ve listed some simple tips below that you’ll be able to start using during your next consultation.

As a Lash Technician, particularly when you’re just starting out, it can be tricky determining the right lash ShapeThickness Length to compliment your clients’ eyes and meet their expectations.  

In our blog, “Managing Client Expectations”, we spoke about engaging your client in determining the application that you’re going to deliver.  As a next step, when it comes to choosing the right lash ShapeThickness Length, there are a number of eye assessment characteristic that you should consider. 

At Prolong Lash, we established guidelines to help our technicians take the guesswork out of delivering a lash solution that “delights” their client.

Start with taking a good look at the clients’ eyes during their first consultation.  Asking yourself the following questions will assist you in ‘getting it right the first time’ and reduce the chances of experiencing the heartbreak of ‘Mirror Shock’ that some first-time clients experience. 

Does your client have small or large eyes? The size of their eyes will help you determine the Thickness or number of lashes you need to apply to meet their expectations.  Explaining this to your client upfront in their first consultation will give you the opportunity upgrade them if necessary before you start, to a lash pack that caters for more lashes, the time you’ll need to apply them, and possible extra charges related to that service. 

What Shape are your clients’ eyes? Do the outer corners of the eyes slope downward or upward? If they slope downward, you may choose to mix the curl to balance the eye shape. Try using B’s on the inside eye and C’s or D Curls from the middle to the outside edge.

Consider this - are your clients’ eyes deep set? If they are, you can increase the Length of extension you choose.  Use an extension that’s 2-3 points longer across the eye line to make the lashes more noticeable.

Do your client’s eyes protrude? Be cautious on the Length you use on protruding eyes by choosing a lash only slightly longer than the natural lash by just 1-2 points.

Check the distance between the outer corner of the eye and the eyebrow. If there is a large space between the edge of the eye and the eyebrow, you can deliver a more exotic or cat’s eye Shape. If the distance is short, then choose a shape that less dramatic and more natural on that outside edge. 


Good luck lashies! Thanks for reading.

Kerry Wood
Lash Tech since 2006

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