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How to Build the Ultimate Skincare Routine for your Eyelash Extensions Clients


Some of us are blessed with great skin, while others may not be so lucky. Fret not!  Great skin is not only acquired through DNA but how well we look after it. As a lash artist, you will come across clients with varying skin types every day, so it’s important to educate your clients on making lash aftercare a top priority so their lashes and your work shine. In this article, we’re sharing our complete guide to recommending your clients a skincare routine to help them achieve great skin and lashes.  

Why is aftercare important for eyelash extensions? 

Lash aftercare and skincare are very important for the health of your lashes

Clients who love their makeup, have a busy lifestyle, or are not into a beauty routine must be reinforced with the importance of skincare. The first time you tell your clients to wash their lashes, they may pay little heed to you. However, eyelash extensions are a luxury beauty treatment; it is worth reminding them to get the most out of every cent they pay by looking after their lashes. 

Educate them about dust and dirt that collects over the day and how washing them will help their lashes last longer. Washing them with an effective cleanser and deep cleaning with a soft cloth will reduce premature lash loss and buildup occurring in the lash line. Lash shedding is another critical piece of information you need to let your clients know about, and how despite the natural process of shedding, lash hygiene can help combat the process. 

Why should lash artists recommend products and skincare routines for their clients?  

Lash artists should recommend skincare products to her clients

Lash aftercare is not only about looking after the lashes alone but understanding the skin type also plays an essential role in ensuring the retention of their lashes. For example, a client with dry skin will have to keep their skin hydrated to ensure excessive dead cells do not cause an infection or build-up of dry skin, giving way to severe eye conditions. Similarly, oily skin, if not managed through an effective skincare routine, can cause oil glands to produce an excessive amount of oil and cause breakouts. Therefore, understanding their lifestyle and skincare routine is equally important to create an effective regime for them to follow. As a lash artist, recommending your client's effective solutions has some benefits: 

1. Helps to build trustworthy relationships with clients 

Lash artists share a special bond with their lash clients. Did you know it takes more effort to gain a new client than to keep one? When a client comes to you, they want to believe they have come to an expert who is great at their job and would provide them with excellent service. As a result, your trust level may vary with each client. With first-time clients, before jumping into retailing products, giving them skilled advice on their lashes, skin type, and aftercare are great ways to gain their trust. Focus on presenting yourself as the expert you are and as a business that cares for its customers. 

2. Keeps clients coming back to have their refills completed

Nothing beats the effect of showing the efficacy of a product in real-time. When your clients come for their lash appointments, advise them about the products you use on them. Wash their lashes with Prolong Lash cleanser or show them what products you used to remove their makeup. When they see the capability and after-effects of the products used on their skin, they will most likely come back to you for their lashes. Ensuring your retail corner sells the same products you use for your clients will ensure they keep coming back for lash refills and be profitable for your business.  

3. Ensures clients return for repeat purchases

Inform your clients about the products found on the market vs. the products you retail at your salon. Remind them about using products exclusively formulated for eyelash extensions rather than buying skincare/eye care products from the next-door retail store. As a lash artist, you must first believe in your products to convince your clients to use them for lash retention. When your clients become aware of their skin type and eyelash aftercare, they see the effectiveness and convenience of buying the products from your salon; you will see a recurring income stream slowly paving its way into your business.  

Having enviable, beautiful lashes is everyone's dream. As a lash artist, you want your clients to be happy about the outcome and come back to you as a regular. With lash aftercare, recommending your clients follow a skincare routine is equally important to ensure the products do not interfere with their lash retention.

Putting together a skincare routine for your clients can be tricky, but here is an inclusive skincare routine you can recommend to your clients: 

How to Build a Skincare Routine for Lash Clients?

Lash artists need to build a skincare routine to their clients

Step 1: 

Most makeup contains oil-based ingredients, potentially leading to breakouts, especially when not washed off before bed. Recommend your clients use a gentle makeup remover cloth to wipe off their makeup, face creams, and the day's dust and dirt. Prolong Lash's micro-fiber cloth is fluffy and soft and removes dirt without needing to scrub, rub or tug at lashes. Instead, start by wetting the cloth and wiping it in a circular motion to lightly exfoliate the dead skin cells around the face and eyes and clean your face.  

Step 2: 

If your client is an avid makeup wearer, double cleansing the skin ensures it is thoroughly cleaned, prevents it from looking dull, and clears away residue that can cause allergies, irritation, or infection. Use a mild yet effective cleanser to ensure no residue is left on the skin. Prolong Lash cleanser is an effective cleanser to incorporate into their skincare routine for glowing results. You may have a client who loves to get every bang for their buck and  our lash concentrate  can be an attractive product to retail. Every 3.4 fl oz concentrate can be mixed into five 60ml bottles* of foaming cleanser. (check our mixing recommendation for exact calculations). However, if your client prefers a more accessible option without the hassle, our foaming cleanser pumps  are ready to use, no mixing required.  

Step 3:  

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest of anywhere on the body, with fewer oil glands. In addition, because of the absence of fats, the eye area is less flexible. As a result, it is most exposed to external and internal stressors like UV rays, wind, pollution, blinking, crying, and laughing, which makes this area dry and visibly creased over time. Introducing an eye serum to keep the eye area hydrated and nourished will ensure the skin around the area remains resilient.Prolong Lash eye serum  is specially formulated for use with eyelash extensions, with hyaluronic acid  as its principal ingredient. Being lightweight, it’s quickly absorbed into the skin and keeps it supple and soft. Using it twice daily in the morning and night can show effective results.  

Step 4: 

For an added layer of hydration for the skin, use a water-based moisturizer to reduce oil production. If your client has oily skin or has a combination skin type, a water-based moisturizer will help retain moisture in their skin and balance the sebum levels, preventing breakouts, pigmentation, or various other skin conditions. Hyaluronic acid and peptides are great ingredients to have in moisturizers. Apply it twice a day after cleansing to keep the skin hydrated. 

Step 5:  

Lastly, UVA and UVB rays can be more detrimental to the skin than one realizes. Therefore, it is essential to wear sunscreen to protect from sun damage, premature ageing, and skin cancer. If your client is prone to acne, discoloration, or has sensitive skin, recommending an oil-free sunscreen is imperative. Oil-free sunscreen prevents any oil buildup, and because of its lightweight formulation, it permeates into the skin and reduces inflammation. Advise your clients not to put sunscreen too close to their eyes but rather protect their eye area when outdoors by wearing sunglasses. 

While this is a blanket skincare routine you can encourage your clients to follow, we recommend you monitor each client and customize some of the products for them. The most significant benefit of using Prolong Lash products is that they are formulated from water-based ingredients, which reduces the chances of allergic reactions on any skin type. In addition, being vegan and pH-balanced, they are suitable for any skin type. By recommending a skincare routine in addition to their lash aftercare, you are establishing your business as one that considers its customers' wellbeing as its primary goal, thereby making way for yourself as a successful entrepreneur.  

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