Eyelash extension most popular styles: Cat Eye Vs Doll Eye


Eyelash extensions are one of the most liberating beauty evolutions for women who have always aspired to have long, beautiful lashes. The various lash styles available can confuse you. Just like dressing right for each body type, understanding your facial features and eye shape will clarify what lash style will enhance your looks. Two of the most popular lash styles are Cat eyes and Doll eyes. As cliched and self-explanatory as these two styles sound, it is worth knowing more about the difference between their application, the recommended eye shapes for them, how to look after them, and who you could take inspiration from. Here is a lowdown on Cat eyes Vs. Doll eyes. 


Get to know the most popular Lash Extension Styles

Doll Eyes

If you want your eyes to look brighter, bigger, and rounder, doll eyes can be the eyelash style you are looking for. Your eyelash artist would ideally map your eyes and attach shorter lashes around the inner and outer corners of your eyes and longer ones in the middle to direct attention to your eyes and make them look prominent.

Eyelash Extension most popular styles: Doll Eyes

Cat Eyes


The allure of the sultry cat eyes never fades, and going by the rules, cat eyelashes create the illusion of elongated and sexier-looking eyes. If you are a fan of winged eyeliner, placing cat eyelashes follows a similar pattern. First, shorter eyelashes are placed in the inner corner of your eyes, gradually increasing to longer lashes towards the outer corner. The density and length of the lashes attached depend on how much longer or fuller you choose them to be. 


Eyelash extension most popular styles: Cat Eyes



What eye shapes will these shapes suit?


Eye shapes that suits Cat Eyes and Doll Eyes


Doll eyes

If you have hooded, almond-shaped, or downturned outer corners, doll eyelash style opens your eyes, making them look bigger. It creates symmetry, adds volume, and highlights the best features of your eyes if you have smaller eyes and thinner natural lashes. Doll eyes create a dramatic look, so if you want to make your eyes do the talking, doll eyes can be the perfect lash style. If you have deep-set or narrow eyes, they help your eyes create symmetry and pop. However, if you already have big or very open eyes, avoid getting doll eyes, as they may make your eyes look bigger!

Cat eyes


If you have rounded eyes, cat eyes will be perfect for your face to balance your eye shape. If you have a defined jawline and close-set eyes, cat eyes lengthen your eyes and make them luscious. Cat eyes lend a natural look and can be pretty lightweight. You can choose between classic cat eyes or volume cat eyes. If you already have thicker lashes, classic extensions may be a suitable option; however, if you have sparse lashes, adding volume would make your eyes look fuller.



Which celebrities sport them?


Doll eyes


They are trendsetters and know how to enhance their beauty. Here are some celebrities sporting the doll eyes style to the T- Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, Katy Perry, and Ariana Grande.


Megan Fox uses Lash Extension Doll Eye


Cat Eyes


Beautiful and sexy as ever. In their unique style, Taylor Swift, Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, and Cardi B are rocking the sensuous cat eyes.


Taylor Swift uses Lash Extension Cat Eye



The right steps to choose the right Eyelash Extension style for you


Doll eyes or cat eyes, we can assure you that getting your eyelash extensions in a trending lash style will make you feel like a new and confident person. However, there are two essential aspects you need to consider before committing to the world of eyelash extensions:


  • Lash artist: Lashing is a creative skill that requires innumerable hours of practice and experience to become a pro. When choosing to go to a lash artist, ensure you pull a Sherlock Holmes on them (don't be a stalker!). A good lash artist will always have a consultation before the lash session to understand their client's expectations and give you a clear picture of what can be achieved. It would be helpful to ask them about their beautician's license, products they use, lash hygiene practices, and experience. Lashing is a luxurious beauty treatment, so ensure you don't get lured by an artist offering their service at a shockingly low price.
  • Aftercare: Doll eyes or Cat eyes typically should last 2-4 weeks if you can follow the correct aftercare routine. Washing your lashes with an effective cleanser will ensure you have lasting healthy lashes. It is imperative to wash your lashes daily and ensure you also go in time for your next infill to continue enjoying your lashes. Eyelash extensions are a commitment and a great partnership with your lash artist. Choose your lash artist and aftercare products wisely. 


Good luck! 





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