A guideline to making your lash salon eco-friendly

We all know that our planet is facing a climate crisis. Bushfires, floods, and many other natural disasters only show how much nature suffers from the actions of humanity. You may ask us, "what can I do in my lash business to ease the burden?" - The answer is more straightforward than you can imagine.

When we talk about sustainability, it may seem a very distant reality from a lash salon. Many think that only large companies can become sustainable businesses. People believe this process requires a lot of development, investment, and unnecessary work. But as Anne Marie Bonneau, Zero Waste Chef, once said, "We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly."

Being a sustainable lash salon doesn't necessarily mean drastically changing your routine. You probably already have some sustainable actions in place. The simple act of saving energy is a great help to the planet (and your budget!). In fact, contrary to what many people think, becoming green can help you save money.

Firstly, many eco-friendly actions actually depend just on yourself and your conscience. Saving water and unplugging appliances that aren't in use are great examples. These habits are free, easy, and can make a real difference.

Another advantage of making your lash salon eco-friendly is that it will do a lot of good for your reputation. The concern with sustainability and the search for conscious consumption has made consumers increasingly expectant of sustainable actions. In addition to the best cost-benefit, clients seek social responsibility and companies that aim to fight against environmental impact. Believe us: going green is a great marketing opportunity.

Thinking of that, we made a list to help you take small sustainable steps for your lash business.

Recycle your garbage correctly

Recycle your garbage

Did you know that between 2017-18, just 9.4% of plastic was recycled in Australia? WWF states that Australians used around 3.4 million tonnes of plastics during this period, but only 320,000 tonnes - were recycled. This is far from acceptable, right? That's why you must do your part and recycle your salon's waste.

Each product and packaging that you use must be disposed of correctly. Especially products that carry chemicals must be directed not to contaminate the environment. It's also important to contact your neighbourhood council to find out about the particular waste disposal and recycling services provided in your area. And if you have materials that are not included in their recycled programs, make sure to find a sustainable destination for them. Plenty of companies work specifically with objects that can't be easily recycled.

Compost your organic waste

We all know that lash artists are busy 24-7, and because of that, many of us need to eat at work. From breakfast, lunch, or even dinner, it's normal to produce organic waste. But anyone who thinks that food scraps decompose on their own may be surprised to learn otherwise. According to the Australian Bureau of Statics, we generated 15.3 million tonnes of organic waste between 2018 and 19. Most of this waste ends up in landfill, generating about 3% of Australia's greenhouse gas emissions. This gas has a global warming potential 25 times greater than carbon dioxide, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

To help change this reality, you can compost your organic waste. As reported by the study "What a Waste: a global review of solid waste," each person alone can avoid the emission of 60 kilos of methane into the environment. And your lash salon can be a part of it! The first step is to build your compost bin, considering the number of people attending your space and the meals made daily. This will tell you the size of the compost bin, which can be used even in small spaces, such as apartments. 

Use ecological equipment to save energy

Use LED bulbs to save energy

Does your salon have many windows and doors? Some projects for beauty salons are concerned with better using natural light to reduce the number of lamps in their environments. Enjoy the sun and remove the curtains in your salon. And in case you have gaps around your doors, you can use draft stoppers and door seals to save heating and cooling energy. 

However, if your lash salon doesn't have a lot of natural lighting, don't worry about it. You can control your electricity bill by replacing your light bulbs with LED bulbs. Another option is to choose cold lights; with them, you can save on energy and the light bill.

Create an ecological decoration

Customize your space with sustainable and different décor. This will draw your customers' attention and bring nature closer to you. Use natural flowers and plants, decorate them in recycled vases and hang paintings made with eco-friendly paints on the walls. Use your imagination and transform your lash salon into an even more amazing place!

Save water

Save water

Implement washbasins systems that control water flow and educate your employees. Be aware of possible leaks and old hydraulic systems in bathrooms. Do your research; some flushes can save up to 70% on water consumption. Also, consider opportunities to reuse water for cleaning: you can create a water recycling system with rainwater capture and use it, for example, for other activities, such as watering plants.

Encourage your clients to do the right thing

In addition to doing your part, you need to encourage people to do theirs. People need an incentive to do the right thing. How about offering a discount to customers who have taken advantage of eco-friendly products or services? For example, you can partner with an independent soap producer and encourage your customers to dispose of their cooking oil with them. In doing so, they receive a discount at your lash salon AND help the environment. 

Another idea is to promote a swap space in your salon. Why not have a clothes rack where your clients can leave their old clothes and exchange them for clothes that other clients left there? In addition to being a good distraction for customers who arrive early, they can save a considerable amount of Co2 by swapping clothes. According to resale platform thredUP, "if everyone bought/swapped one item used instead of new, in one year 5.7B lbs of CO2 could be saved".

Use and sell from companies that care about the environment

Prolong Lash takes care of the planet

The companies you trust can make a big difference to the planet. Even a simple product, like toilet cleaner, can harm the environment (and your health). Do your research and choose truly eco-friendly cleaning products. And this is not only for cleaning products but for everything you want to acquire for your salon.

You should also research the company and its values ​​when choosing suppliers and products for sale in your space. Choose ecologically responsible companies that have vegan or vegan-friendly products.


Here at Prolong Lash, we are constantly looking for new ways to be the most sustainable and eco-friendly possible! Our products are vegan-friendly, and both Cleanser Concentrates (100ml and 1 Litre) are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Of course, Prolong Lash Concentrate is a sustainable star! One little bottle of 100ml concentrate makes 300mls of foaming cleanser. This means when we ship our bottle of cleanser, you and the planet are saving on the shipping cost, both $$$ and environmentally.

Prolong Lash 1 litre Cleanser Concentrate also greatly impacts your business and the planet. With our big bottle you are saving up to 50 bottles of foaming cleansers. And there is more: our Makeup Remover Cloth is reusable and eco-friendly! Our next goal is to make our package 100% recyclable. According to WWF Australia, Australians each use 130kg of plastic annually. Less than 12% of that's recycled. We want to be a part of this change asap!


Due to our planet's current situation, small attitudes make a real difference in our ecosystem. After all, the world is in our hands, and we must take care of it. People must become aware and start making a difference for the planet. Can we count on you? You can count on us!

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