Tweezers -  Russian LUX
Tweezers -  Russian LUX
Tweezers -  Russian LUX
Tweezers -  Russian LUX

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Tweezers - Russian LUX

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HAND TESTED for Quality - Superior Japanese Steel

 Elegant and robust - powder coated to give you a non-slip grip.

These are absolutely my favorite Russian Tweezers

Elegant, Robust perfect for multi-lash pick up! Precisely pick up 2-6 lashes every time with these easy-grab Russian Volume tweezers.

All our tweezers are hand tested for consistent quality control, giving you peace of mind with every purchase. 

All tweezers have a "sweet spot" and these tweezers have a "sweet spot" that extends the entire length of the Foot. Fabulous and fool proof with these tweezers you will find you can effortlessly pick up Multiple lashes and create the perfect fan every time.