DIU  (10g)

DIU (10g)

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DIU Glue is the most innovative and advanced adhesive on the market. Its consistency is perfect for both classic and volume application techniques. It has a mild fume level, while still providing very strong durability (6-8 weeks). DIU lash glue is perfect for all levels of lash artists. It dries quickly and very smoothly creating a seamless look.

  • Setting time: 1-2 seconds
  • Durability: 6-8 weeks
  • Fume: Mild
  • Viscosity: Medium
  • Recommended Humidity: 45-60%
  • Recommended Temperature: 66-72 F
  • Shelf life (opened): 2-4 (store in cool, dry area)
  • Shelf life (Unopened): 4 months (store in cool, dry area)