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Australia's 1st and #1 Selling Eyelash Extension Cleanser

Welcome to the flagship store, Prolong Lash™ Australia. Our journey begins with a mother and avid eyelash extension user, Kerry Wood.

In 2008, Kerry had opened her first salon, LashDesign Studios.  It was the very first "eyelash extension only" salon in Melbourne,
Australia.  Here, in this salon is where Kerry came up with Eyelash Extension industry changing product, Prolong Lash™ Cleanser.  

Prolong Lash™ Cleanser was created to help combat the problems that users of eyelash extensions were, and still are facing.  
During Kerry's time at LashDesign Studios, she noticed that when her clients returned for refills, their lashes would be either:

* sparse or completely gone
* oil affected, stuck together, twisting and turning
* built-up with makeup and debris

    Ever since Kerry first saw eyelash extensions in New York, she knew they would be popular.  Becoming extremely content with using them constantly on her own lashes, Kerry had a deep drive to find a solution to this problem.  After much required research and networking, Kerry had managed to source the perfect formula for reducing occurrence the above problems.  

    It was through this incredible journey that Kerry undertook which allowed her to create an Eyelash Extension Cleanser that will allow eyelash extension wearers to completely enjoy the full lash experience.

    Prolong Lash™ Cleanser has been designed in such a way that it will benefit both the lash technician and the client.  A product created specifically for eyelash extensions, Prolong Lash™ Cleanser is truly oil-free and is most effective at protecting the natural lash health and prolonging the life of the extensions.

    Lashes that lacked longevity were now 50% present at 3 weeks.  Lashes that twisted and turned, were able to stay in place and not move about.  
    Lashes with buildup were now clean and had not a single glimpse of makeup or debris showing.

    This process marks the birth of Prolong Lash™ Cleanser and the journey of Kerry and her innovative company, Prolong Lash™.  

    Australia's Most Trusted Eyelash Extension Cleanser

    The Benefits


    You are protecting your natural lash growth cycle, while reducing the risk of follicle infection.

    You are maintaining more extensions to the 3 week refill, looking better for longer.

    Eyelash Technicians have less separating and clean up to do at 3 week refills, leaving them more time to apply fresh lashes.

    The Responses


    “Independent clinics conducted test studies in 2013 on Prolong Lash’s newly intensified cleansing technology.
    It proved that test subjects presented at 3 week refills with up to 60% of their lash extensions intact. By comparison test-subjects who used oil based removers presented with nil to just 10% of their lash extensions in tact.
    These studies confirmed Prolong Lash Cleanser had successfully pioneered the care of lash enhancements by extending their duration, eliminating lash clumpage from dissolved lash glue and reducing the amount of time to refill in-salon.”

    — Andrew Christie

    “The only TRULY oil free range of Aftercare Products deliver results to our clients by reducing oil exposure which softens eyelash extension glue causing loss and clumping. Our Clients who use the Prolong Lash range and follow the 3 step aftercare program lose less lashes between refills than those that use alternative aftercare products.”

    — LashDesign Studios, South Yarra

    The Promise


    Prolong Lash™ is completely oil free.

    Alternative oil free products often contain glycerine, glycerol or essences. These ingredients have the same softening effect on the bonding agent, as oil. Simply replacing your regular cleanser with Prolong Lash™ Cleanser will reduce the risk of clumping, allowing your natural growth cycle to continue.

    Damage to Your Natural Lash Growth Cycle

    Once clumped extensions are removed, your natural lash line may be significantly diminished, because the new lash growth has been inhibited.
    It can take up to 90 days for the lash line to re-establish. Consistent long term abuse of the eyelash growth cycle can feasibly traumatise the hair follicles and increase the risk of rendering follicles inactive. Only 40% of your upper eyelid follicles are active at any one time, as each eyelash follicle produces only 20 hairs in a lifetime. It is a responsible practice to minimise hair follicle trauma if you are to maintain active hair growth.