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BLINK Q-1 Glue (5g)

BLINK Q-1 Glue (5g)

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Adhesive is the most important component of your lash application in the hands of a trained and skilled technician.

Q1 Glue is used extensively in eyelash extension salons as it is easy to work with, dries in 3-4 seconds, and is pliable on the lashes without being brittle like some eyelash extension glues. 

High performance: powerful bonding and fast setting

  • Medium, silky consistency
  • Setting Time: 4-5″
  • Retention: 5 Weeks~
  • Technician Profile: Experienced
  • Client Profile: Average tolerance to glue fume & odors
  • Techniques: Classic & Volume

How to store your adhesive correctly:

– Store at room temperature
– Store in an upright position to prevent the product from collecting in the nozzle.
– Do not store it in the refrigerator, as this will cause the consistency of the product to change.
– Store the bottle away from any direct sunlight or heating element.
– Shake it well before use.
– Always clean the nozzle thoroughly before replacing the cap
– Seal the cap tightly.