How to grow your successful one-person Lash Business from me to WE


This is a dilemma that many of us face when we’re overworked but see the opportunity to grow. We might be experienced at running our own client base, but that doesn’t mean that we will make great business leaders.  I liken small 3-5-person salons to miniature corporations; you need all the processes of a large organisation without the overheads
We’re not all great at everything so when you’re building your team there’s a delicate balance on where to spend your hard-earned cash. It’s not just about finding great lash techs but also finding people that can fill that skill set gap you have. Your growing business will need skills in Finance, Marketing, Communications, Social Media, Web and Content Management, Photography, Team Leadership and much, much more to ensure your business grows successfully. Assess your skill set gap as you grow and if need be, outsource what can’t be handled by you or your employees
Small business growth is similar to a game of chess; make a move, evaluate your situation, observe how well it works out before you make your next move of hiring your next team member or outsourced skill set. 
One of the most critical factors in building a united team is making sure that you’re clear about your brand and goals.  For me, when building my Lash business, our brand and aim were simple, “Perfect Lashes Every Time” – “We Guarantee it” was our slogan. My team lived it, our clients expected it, and therefore our guidelines were built to support our Brand and Goal. 
Clients like a degree of predictability. You’ll need to establish rules or guidelines that compliment your goal; otherwise, you’ll end up with each Lash Technician doing their own thing.  They'll perform tasks in their own way which in itself isn’t a bad thing, but all team members need to deliver consistent, predictable results.  If not, you’ll have absolutely no hope of managing your client expectations and your client complaints will skyrocket and you’ll lose business. 
At the peak of my salon life, we had 15 Lash technicians working 6-day rosters.  Every technician was an artist in their own right so you might ask yourself, what sort of rules can you apply to an artist who has their own personal style? 
In a previous blog “How to Manage Client Expectations” and “Tips to help avoid the horror of Mirror Shock with first time clients”, I talked about the importance of channelling your client expectations to an agreed outcome by using a Lash Board. The Lash Board effectively creates guidelines related to style, length and thickness that all your Lash Techs can follow without stifling the Technicians creativity. 
Look out for more informative and useful blogs based on real-life experience.  These are designed to help you navigate your way through the minefield of creating, building and managing your Business successfully.
Coming up next “How to Plan for Losing a Key Team Member”.

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