Why oil-free?

Oil-based products can give you fantastic skin but are the worst enemy of your eyelash extensions



Is there anything more frustrating than realizing your client has clumping and build-up on their lashes? And the worst part… you know this is a result of a poor cleansing routine and exposure to oil-based products. 


The truth is that clients want to be able to use their oil-based skincare products around their eyes, even though it's wreaking havoc on their extensions. It is a struggle to convince them to give up oil-based skincare for the sake of their lashes, and why should they HAVE to choose? Fortunately, there is a solution.


First, let's understand what oil does to eyelash extensions.


Lash extensions adhesives are made mainly through cyanoacrylate, used in most skin-safe glue. The oil attacks and dissolves the lash glue, causing damage, even if used just once. 


Oils and oil-based products deteriorate the glue bonds and cause extensions to detach from the natural lash and fall off before the natural lash is ready to shed. During this process, it becomes soft and often adheres to other soft glue nearby. Consequently, eyelash extensions stick to each other, which disrupts the growth cycle of natural lashes. 


Sure using oil based cosmetics will make your skin will gorgeous, but lashes will suffer. Not so worth it, right? The last thing you want is to watch beautiful extensions come loose and drop to the floor!


Some say a solution is to recommend that your clients avoid the eyes while using oil-based products, but it is not that simple. Oil-based ingredients travel across the skin and can seep into the eye area, even when not applied directly to the eyes. Night creams are also tricky since the lashes will be in contact the product for many hours during the night. 


If someone can't live without oil-based skincare products, they need to be prepared to come in much, much sooner for lash extension infills.


What is the solution, then? 


Nowadays, it's not necessary to choose between having amazing skin and fabulous lashes. It's possible to have both without harming each other. Using oil-free products is your best defence. To double-check if they are truly oil-free, just check the ingredients list. Even products that make bold statements on their packaging that they are all free, sometimes still contain oil-based products, such as glycerine. 


However, what if we tell you that it is possible to find an oil-free cleanser specially made for eyelash extensions? Believe us, this is the strongest way to protect your extensions from oil damage and keep them looking their best! 


Prolong Lash Cleanser  is genuinely oil-free and effective in protecting natural lash health and prolonging the life of the extensions. By keeping the lash extensions clean, you increase the hygiene of the eye area and reduce the chances of infection!


And yes, in case you are wondering… our cleanser is not just for eyelash extensions. It can be used to wash natural lashes, remove makeup, wash the face, hands, and makeup brushes! It's more than an eyelash cleanser. It's a life-changer! 

Prolong Lash Cleanser is made from natural ingredients and does NOT contain oil, glycerine, glycerol, artificial colour, ethanol, parabens, synthetic, or added fragrances. No nasties inside. 

And it gets better: it is vegan-friendly, pH balanced, and smells incredible!


To see the benefits, it's easy: just use our Cleanser on your entire face twice daily. The results? Clean lashes, soft subtle skin, and maintaining more extensions to the 3-week refill, looking better for longer.


Do you need more reasons? It's the world's most trusted eyelash extension cleanser. Simple as that. 


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